How To Find The Best Tree Removal Company in Chesapeake

We know, we know! Right now, you’re thinking to yourself, “But wait! I’ve already found the best tree removal company in Chesapeake!” Right? Well as much as we appreciate our loyal customers and our Chesapeake community, it’s our responsibility to truly and objectively educate our customers on the ins and outs of finding the best tree service company for THEM! You heard us right. As much as we’d love to think of ourselves as the absolute best for every job, there are always going to be certain variables that will give other companies a slight edge in providing the BEST tree service to a particular customer. So the heck does that mean?!  

Well, for a very hyperbolic example, if your next door neighbor also happens to be a tree service professional, then chances are your very best possible deal is going to come from him- lucky you! Unless the tree care company is a major national or regional brand, most professionals will have only one location from which they’re traveling to accommodate a customer. So location is a very big deal.  

Next up, equipment. It’s not size of your saw, but the buzzin’ in the blade! We just made that up, and it’s not great. But in all seriousness, not every tree care team comes fully stocked with bucket trucks and cranes and excavators. But if you happen to be sweet little ol’ Ms. Templeton who needs a little limb cut down that’s just a bit higher than she cares to reach, then One-Man-Show-Shane with his MS-170 is going to be the absolute best for the job. He can easily tackle the job himself without bringing his rag tag team of ropers and climbers, etc. And in doing so, Shane will be able to charge her significantly less. We gladly sub out this sort of work all the time to the local high school and college kids trying to make a buck as their summer job.  

And that’s the moral of this whole awesomely written story. No one tree removal company is going to be the absolute best for every job. Which company can provide the best service at the best price will always come down to customer location and the scope of work. So we hope this encourages you smaller companies to stick with it and continue doing a job well done. Because with every customer, every one of us, at some point or another, gets to be the best tree care company in Chesapeake.

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We know you probably have a ton of questions. But that’s a good thing, and we welcome every one of them. We’ve been in the tree service industry for a long time. And to date, no question has been able to STUMP us! Ok ok. We’re tree experts, not comedians. But in all seriousness, we’ll make sure our seasoned tree experts walk you through every step of the service you’ve requested. We completely understand the uncertainty that can come with tree removal, and we make it our job to fully educate our customers before we ever send a crew out. So call us today!