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Tree Removal Chesapeake Virginia

Welcome to Chesapeake Tree Guys! We specialize in everything from large tree removal, to land clearing and grading, and everything in between! We offer full comprehensive tree service to all of the Southside of Hampton Roads, including Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Portsmouth.

Our team of master ropers and climbers brings decades of industry know-how to keep you and your neighbors safe and free of liability, providing superior tree service and clean-up with professional courtesy!

Chesapeake Tree Guys

About Us

Long before we took on our new name, ironically given to us by our customers over the years, we started off with two pickup trucks, some saws, and ropes. It’s been our greatest honor and achievement over the years to have grown with you, our beloved community. We’re a small time and small town tree business, family owned and operated, and plenty proud of it. We began servicing anything we could from Western Branch to Butts Station, Salem to Pungo, Acredale to Great Bridge and Hickory. It is our greatest pleasure to serve you!

Our Services

Our primary services include tree removal in Chesapeake VA, tree service, land clearing, lot clearing, stump grinding and stump removal. Our tree removal service goes above and beyond the industry standard. And we’re always up for a challenge. So we encourage you to give us a call and inquire about any special project you may have. 

Tree Removal

There can be a number of situations where you might be looking to remove a tree from your property. Our team is here to help you tackle this removal job. Our tree removal service offers the very best way to quickly and safely remove any trees from your property. With this convenient and affordable service, you can more effectively manage your property in the way that you want, and ensure that safety is properly maintained. Along with tree removal our service also provides brush removal services in Chesapeake as well as Virginia Beach VA.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Tree trimming and pruning is one of the many vital tree care services that we provide. Effective trimming can be a great way to encourage better and stronger growth, by removing the limbs that are inhibiting overall healthy development. Along with that, it can also help to increase light penetration and improve overall aeration. Better yet, tree trimming can even be an effective method for both pest control and disease control as it can prevent the spread of any problems and even provide early warning signs there’s an issue.

Stump Grinding

If there’s one way to make a job easy it’s by having the perfect tools. This is why stump grinding is part of the range of tree removal services that we offer. There’s no tool better suited to the job of removing stumps than a stump grinder. It’s disk blades are designed to quickly cut away at the tree stump, with the end result being easy and complete removal. With this tool, we know how to make easy work of even the largest of tree stumps.

Stump Removal

Without the expertise needed to effectively deal with the stump, the job of tree removal isn’t really complete. That’s why you need a choose a removal service that handle stump removal as part of the removal process. That’s something we are well equipped to do. By selecting our service for your removal needs, you can be sure that the job will be completed 100% and that no part of the tree that you want gone will be left behind.

Land and Lot Clearing

In order to ensure that your property is ready for development or your next project, the first step that can often be required is lot clearing or land clearing. This is necessary to remove the trees and other growth that have taken over parts of your property, as this can impede property development or other work. Our fast and professional service offers the best way to get this initial work done on time, so the rest of your project can continue without any delays or other issues.

Tree Cabling and Bracing

Tree cabling and tree bracing are both methods that can be employed to provide the trees on your property with additional support. In some cases, as a result of years of wear and tear or other factors, trees can develop hazards that mean they may be at risk of partial or even full collapse. This is obviously a major safety risk. Cabling or bracing is the best way to provide your trees with support they require, and ensure that safety around your home or property is completely maintained.

Our Mission Statement and Vision

Community Outreach

Our tree care team at Chesapeake Tree Guys takes great pride in giving back to our local community in Chesapeake and Hampton Roads. We know that a happy and strong community is the backbone of a prosperous and successful economy. This is why we raise money in various local charities in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Portsmouth. It’s not enough to just provide outstanding tree removal service. We want to always ensure that our residents and neighbors are taken care of and provided for. Because all of us are in this together. 

Our Commitment To Our Customers

At Chesapeake Tree Guys, we make it our personal mission to always excel at our customer service. Sure, we are the top experts when it comes to tree removal and tree service in Chesapeake VA
 and Hampton Roads. But we are also the best at taking care of our customers. We understand the concerns that customers may have when considering tree removal as it can be a major decision affecting your home and, more specifically, your yard. That’s why our tree service experts communicate and educate our customers step by step through the entire process, leaving nothing to question. We take a great deal of pride in our commitment to customer excellence, because without our beloved customers, we wouldn’t have the success we have today. Thank you for your loyalty and your business! 

Thinking of Doing the Tree Removal Yourself?

How to remove a tree safely and effectively can be a daunting task. There are several important things to consider before beginning any tree removal project. The first two options are usually to hire a service to remove the tree for you or if possible, remove it yourself. There are several factors to consider, such as your available financial resources, the location and size of the tree, and tools required for the task. If you are low on budget, we recommend at least calling around to see if any tree removal companies are willing to work with you on price, and maybe even set up a financing option. When all is said and done, hospital bills cost way more.

​Safety should always be your number one concern when working with any kind of tree. There are many steps that need to be taken to ensure the safety of employees and clients. First off, make sure that there is nothing underneath the tree that can become a hazard. Remove all rocks, sticks, trash, or anything else that could fall and injure someone or worse. Avoid placing heavy objects on or near the ground, this can also cause injury or death. 

Make sure that you are protected with safety gear if you are doing a tree removal yourself. This may include hard hats, safety glasses, gloves, and perhaps even earmuffs or earplugs. Some people like to wear ropes to make sure that they do not fall, but if you use natural leaning equipment, you will not have to worry about ropes.

Tree removal equipment should include a stump remover. When a stump is ready to be dug up, a YouTube video called “stump hunting” can be helpful in determining what equipment you will need to successfully get the job done. You can purchase some great equipment to take your next stump dig with you from most sporting goods stores or online. A YouTube video will show you exactly what to look for when you are digging up a stump.

Some landscapers like to use cutting tools to help remove trees. Cutting tools are designed to cut trees in specific ways and by certain lengths. Be aware of the laws surrounding removing cut trees, as some cities do not allow cutting of trees taller than a few feet tall.
To remove a tree with a chain saw, begin by making several passes over the trunk using the chain saw’s cutting edge. The chain saw’s teeth will cut through the bark of the tree, but not the thickest part of it. Use a sharp pair of cutting knives to make a nice notch in the center of the trunk. It’s important to address these concerns before they get out of control. Over time, trees can cause damage to your property, especially your roof and shingles. If your tree has damaged your roof and shingles, you may need to hire a reputable roofing company for professional roof replacement in Chesapeake VA.

We will always recommend hiring the best company for tree removal in Chesapeake VA, but we understand that some smaller jobs might lend themselves to a safe and effective DIY approach. Use your chain saw to slowly cut away at the trunk of the tree until it is left just short of the stump. You may need to use a stool or something similar to help balance as you remove the main part of the tree. Once the tree stump is removed, clean up any large pieces of dead grass or branches that you may have missed. This will help keep your lawn and garden clear of small tree fragments.

Once the stump and any large pieces of dead grass or branches have been removed, sweep or vacuum the area. Vacuuming can help remove leftover soil that will be difficult to clean up. If the area where you removed a tree becomes moistened, you can help by adding a layer of plastic mulch to protect the roots of the shrubs. Smaller shrubs can be protected with this same mulch. 

Safety During A DIY Removal: When doing a DIY removal of a tree, it’s always important to remove all safety equipment such as gloves, safety glasses and hat prior to cutting down the tree. Remove all tools from the area. Wear thick gloves and long pants, long sleeves, and rubber soled shoes. You should always wear goggles to protect your eyes from splinters and chips caused by wood cutting tools. 

Hiring a Professional: Hiring a professional tree service is probably the best and most reliable way to remove a tree. Tree services are available around the clock and can be booked in advance, depending on the size of the tree. They have more experience removing larger trees and can also provide other valuable services such as landscaping, tree seedling setting and removal and other services.
When cutting down a tree, it’s important to always use the correct cutting equipment. Always wear the correct safety gear. If you’re unsure about how to remove a tree, it’s probably better to call in a tree service. Using chainsaws to cut down trees may seem easier than it really is, but they can be dangerous, particularly when cutting large trees.

8 Steps to the Tree Removal Process

In this section, we want to cover the basic steps and processes for complete tree removal, as well as what you can expect from our team should you hire Chesapeake Tree Guys to perform your tree service. Every so often, once a tree has lived a long, BUDDING (lol) life, it begins to show its age by dropping a few twigs and small limbs here and there. However, the longer the landowner ignores the decay of the tree, the larger the limbs that begin to fall. This can prove to be a much more dire situation for urban and suburban locales, harboring much more liability for obvious reasons- more people and property for the limbs to land on. When the tree has regressed to this point, it’s time to call a licensed professional to initiate tree removal services.

Step 1

The first step in the tree removal process is for our estimator and certified tree technician to survey the project. This step requires our licensed tree professionals to take inventory of any obstructions or obstacles we will encounter during the tree removal process. Certain structures may need to be temporarily relocated while during the span of the project.

Step 2

Next, we will establish a “rigging map” to calculate precisely where each rope will have to be placed to give our climbers and cutters the safest and most effective position for executing the removal. In this phase, we decide which limbs will be coming down in what order. By mapping out the entire process and establishing a perfect plan of attack before we ever send a man up the tree, we can greatly reduce the risk of injury by eliminating indecision and extra time while up in the tree. Implementing this surefire method not only keeps your family safe, but it also minimizes the risk of any damage to your property. 

Step 3

Now it’s time for our expert ropers and climbers to do their… Spidey thing. It’s really cool to see these guys in action as they string up limbs and secure rigging for larger branches. This will guarantee that the limb is secure and still in our control even after our saw man severs the branch from the trunk. Which brings us to step 4.  

Step 4

Time to start “limbing.” This is where our seasoned professionals remove limbs along the trunk of the tree, the order of which depends on the flow map we created during our initial survey and assessment. Larger limbs are safely lowered to our ground crew where they will be processed in either the wood chipper, or bundled in a trailer.  

Step 5

Once the necessary limbs have been removed form the tree’s trunk, it’s time to start processing the trunk itself. Starting at the top and working down (because going the other direction proves really REALLY hard), our saw man removes manageable portions of the trunk, bit by bit, until only the stump remains. These large portions of the trunk are also safely lowered to the ground team for processing so we can ensure a clean and safe work space throughout the tree removal project. 

Step 6

Phew! We’re almost there! If all has gone according to plan, we should be left with a majestic, time-tested, but-still-a-major-eyesore, STUMP. And unless the homeowner has plans to repurpose it into a cool, rustic outdoor dining table, it’s usually in the work order that we remove it too. But not to worry, our highly trained stump technicians will process the stump into some complimentary mulch for the flower beds, hardly leaving any footprint whatsoever. 

Step 7

Once our team has executed FLAWLESS stump grinding, it’s time to clean up our mess. We always make sure we leave your yard the way we found it. Any tracks, ruts, or divots will be filled, leveled and tilled. We lay down grass seed and hay if necessary to make sure any disturbed patches bounce right back!

Step 8

We noticed that the majority of these “Steps for Tree Removal” lists found online only list the seven steps you see above. But they all missed the most important step of all- our customers’ satisfaction. At Chesapeake Tree Guys, our main goal has almost nothing to do with the tree services themselves. Ok, maybe a little. But our BIGGEST objective is to always make sure that our customers are happy with the job we’ve done. Our entire team is from Chesapeake and the surrounding areas. We know how much pride and hard work our neighbors put into their yards. And we’re no different. We carry that same pride to every tree job we do for our community.

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

“Their service really does offer the best way to properly look after your trees.”

– Ellie. J

“The removal service they offer is really professional. They made the whole process smooth.”

– Betty. B

“There’s no tree service out there that offers better prices or services.”

– David. O

Our Google Reviews

Harry Burke
Harry Burke
I will be requesting their service again for our backyard. If you want a company that provides professional service at a great price I would definitely recommend Chesapeake Tree Guys.
Wilma Ross
Wilma Ross
Two thumbs way up! ???? Professional, and friendly. Their climber even took a moment to wave from the tree while I watched them work. If your looking for a tree removal company look no further!
Nicola Ruth
Nicola Ruth
They were also very careful not to damage anything around while removing 2 very large pine trees. Highly recommend.
Hayden Crawford
Hayden Crawford
Very fair price. His crew arrived and really hustled. They did an awesome job from start to finish.
Chase VanDyke
Chase VanDyke
I can't praise this tree removal company enough. The expert team at Chesapeake Tree Guys made it out to my 2 acre lot just one day after we called. I had some dying trees on the property that were dropping some pretty heavy limbs. So it was time to hire a professional for some major tree removal. Chesapeake Tree Guys was able to cut down 4 large pine trees as well as a massive oak tree with stump grinding. I also hired them for tree trimming on 4 other trees along the property line. I live in Great Bridge Chesapeake VA, and so it was nice to find such a reputable local tree removal service near me. I will definitely use them in the future for all of my tree service needs. I highly recommend this tree company. Thanks again guys!
Root Joe
Root Joe
This company deserves all the good reviews it has! I had a tree removal experience that was by far one of my best. The employees were very professional and thorough, which made for an easy process with no stress or hassle on our end.
alfred nik
alfred nik
I was so impressed with the work they did on my yard. They were efficient and careful around other trees and shrubs, ensuring that everything stayed in place without causing damage to anything else there. I'm beyond happy about how it turned out after their service.
stephens roe
stephens roe
The Chesapeake Tree Guys are the best in town! They were extremely professional and super affordable. I hired them for tree trimming, removal, and stump grinding; they did a great job on all three services at an affordable price without sacrificing quality workmanship. Highly recommend these guys to anyone looking for trees service needs!
Amazing customer service! Fast response time and amazing work. Definitely made us feel like friends by the end of the job. Would recommend 10/10
Greg Middleton
Greg Middleton
We live over in Woodard's Mill, and the neighborhood has a ton of giant pine trees. One of our neighbors used Chesapeake Tree Guys for all of their tree removal and stump grinding and seemed very pleased. So we hired them to take down 3 large pines with full stump removal. They were fast and did a great job. But more than just the work itself, they were highly professional and courteous.

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We know you probably have a ton of questions. But that’s a good thing, and we welcome every one of them. We’ve been in the tree service industry for a long time. And to date, no question has been able to STUMP us! Ok ok. We’re tree experts, not comedians. But in all seriousness, we’ll make sure our seasoned tree experts walk you through every step of the service you’ve requested. We completely understand the uncertainty that can come with tree removal, and we make it our job to fully educate our customers before we ever send a crew out. So call us today!